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Misdommar Incense Temple

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I'm a huge fan of Ari Astor's 2019 summer horror flick, Midsommar. I've recreated the ending scene where (SPOILER) the boyfriend is dressed up in a bear skin and burned alive in the temple. Fortunately for you, everything is ceramic so no bears or boyfriends were injured in the making of this piece!

The temple is meant to be an incense burner! Simply light a cone of incense on the yellow tile and place the temple over top. Watch the smoke waft out of the window, and the small hole I added in the roofline for ventilation. It actually looks like the temple is on fire!

Each set includes:
one yellow glazed temple (about 4 inches high by 4 inches wide)
one yellow glazed floor tile to set the incense on
your choice of either a boyfriend bear or a regular bear
one incense cone to get ya started

***Please note these are all handmade and have slight variations in dimensions and color***


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